End of year

Year Four have finished the afternoon by enjoying ice poles in the sun curtesy of Mrs Nicholls, Miss Mitchell and Mrs Clarke. Thank you to all for a fantastic year and we hope you all have a lovely summer!



Escape room

Beech class has been turned into an escape room this morning. The children are using their maths skills to solve the clues hidden around the room and crack the code to earn extra play time!


Last week, Apple Class worked hard making Seed Bombs to sell on Enterprise Day. They did an amazing job as you can see….. 


Forest school activities

Over the last two weeks Beech class have been working outside with Miss Mogridge to learn practical skills in relation to the outside world. Last week they used their detective skills to find out what sort of trees grow around our playground and this week they learned about fire lighting safety and toasted bread on the fire. I was particularly impressed by their ability to apply their understanding of chemical reactions and conductors to the firefighting. Apple can look frorward to these activities over the coming weeks. 


Circuits and Art

Yesterday afternoon in Apple Class, we looked at how to make a simple circuit using two wires a light bulb and a battery. Then we tested some mini motors to see if we could make them work. Because they were so quiet, we stuck pieces of paper on the spindle with blutack so we could ‘see’ when they were working. Then we used felt tip pens so we could see how fast they spun. The result is a piece of Art!