St Michael’s relief centre

Year 4 have spent the afternoon planning for the event that kingsteignton floods and St Michael’s is needed as a relief centre. They have worked in teams to decide how they will accommodate evacuees and how they can get food and supplies to help everyone. 




Year 4 enjoyed their Christmas party this afternoon. They played pass the parcel, corners and musical statues 


Chocolate Pizza Day!

As part of their IPC topic on Chocolate, Year 4 spent a day creating and making their own chocolate pizzas. They also designed the labels to put on the outside of the pizza box. Well done Year 4 and thank you Truly Scrumptious for showing us how to make our sweet pizzas.  


Forest Craft Club

Children of Year Three and Four are able to come to the club and it runs with a different group of children each term. This week children have been using things from the natural world to creat pieces of art.  

  Autumn EH  
Ladybird’s Home     

Year Four Film Week

At the beginning of this term in Year Four , we watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as part of our film week activities. From this we then had to design a ‘shoe box’ set from one of the scenes from the film. First of all we had to draw out our designs carefully on paper. Then we got to make them up using all kinds of materials. We had lots of fun making them! At the