Celebrating the Coronation

Year 4, along with the whole school had a fabulous day celebratimg all things Coronation. We made our props, learnt a dance, sang the national anthem and had so much fun. We took part in a drama, and then watched the drama unfold as all of KS2 created what the coronation would look like (It was very accurate). It was such a special day, and made even better by sharing cake at the end of the day.

Digital School House at SDC

Year 4 were lucky enough to be invited to the Digital School House at SDC recently, where they spent the day doing different activities. These included programming a robot arm to stack bricks, building a bridge using lolly sticks and masking tape for a RC car to cross a river, designing a computer game and finally exploring the gaming software including VR. The children had a great time and enjoyed being able to access all these wonderful activities. Thank you SDC for having us!

British Science Week – Building Bridges.

As we celebrate togetherness, after a period where isolation was a sad but necessary reality, ‘Connections’ is an apt theme for British Science Week 2023. In our lesson today celebrating British Science Week, we discussed all the different types of bridges that there have been throughout history and their importance in cities and how they connect people together. As a class we built a Truss bridge that was over 2 metres long. We also tested its strength by placing boxes of lego carefully on it and we were thrilled that it was able to support it!
Great work Year 4!

The Doel Cup

This week the Year 4 Football team took part in The Doel Cup. They had an amazing time, which was made even better by progressing to the next round. Mr B, Miss Wainwright and Mrs Nicholl’s and the boys had an excellent and tiring time out, and the sun even shone for this lovely day. Well Done Team we are super proud of you all.

Forest School

For the past couple of weeks both Apple and Beech class have been taking part in forest school sessions. We have made things with twigs, leaves and stones as well as modelling shapes in mud.

Christmas Lunch!

On Wednesday of this week we enjoyed a traditional Christmas lunch in our school hall. The dinner ladies worked really hard producing our lovely food and everyone was dressed up wearing Christmas jumpers and tops. The school hall had already been decorated with hoops that each class had made and it felt like Christmas had well and truly arrived! Merry Christmas everyone!

Circuit Fun!

In our LCC lesson today we tested the switches we made out of split pins, cardboard and a paperclip by making simple circuits that included a light bulb to see if we could turn it on and off. Once we had tested them we then made another circuit using a battery and a motor. Using blutac we stuck squares of plain paper to the spindle of the motor and then set then off. We used felt tip pens to create patterns on the paper as it span. The results were really amazing!

European Languages

This week in our French lesson, we continued learning the French alphabet and how they pronounce the letters differently to us in English. We also continued to practise 4 different letter combinations that are common in the French language: ou, oi, ch and on. Knowing this will help us to read and speak French more accurately. Bravo tout le monde! (Pictures from Language Angels)

Welcome to Year 4

We have had so much fun starting the new academic year as Year 4. The children have been amazing at settling into new routines and getting to know new classmates and teachers. We have been blown away by how much the children have grown up over the summer. Some of the highlights have been drawing self portarits, to writing postcards about our summer. We are looking forward to all that the coming year has to offer. Mixed in with the fun and getting to know each other during this time we have also made a start on our learning, making sure we are ready for all the term has to offer. Well Done Year 4!

Raising Money for the Ukraine

Over these past few weeks some children in Apple Class have been raising money for the Ukraine. Matilda and Olivia have been making loom-band bracelets and have managed to raise £18. Bella, Milli and Rosie made cakes and biscuits and had a ‘Year 4 Bake Sale’ one breaktime. They managed to raise £32.75 which is brilliant. Between them they have raised a fantastic £50.75! Well done girls, you have raised money for a very worthy cause and we are proud of you all.