Fiesta de las Cruces

In year 4 we have been learning about The Festival of The Crosses ( Fiesta de las Cruces). It is a festival celebrated in many Spanish and Hispanic countries including our host country – Peru! 

We have learned about the significance of the cross and it’s power to help us heal and remember. We are designing our own crosses for the festival using flowers, fish and other symbols of wealth to decorate our crosses. They are a work in progress but I think they are coming along really well! 



World book day 

Year four had a great time doing different book based activities around year 3 and 4 classrooms and their costumes looked great!


World Book Day

In Year Four this morning, we celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as our favourite book characters. There were some fantastic costumes, even the teachers dressed up. We took part in a carousel of activities across Years Three and Four and we also teamed up with Year One and shared books with them.  



In year 4 we have spent the last two weeks studying earthquakes- what causes them and what we can do to protect against them. We designed, built and tested earthquake proof buildings using lolly sticks and jelly to imitate the earthquake. 


Music makers

In year 4 we have been using our ICT lessons to learn about making music online. Today we put our skills to the test by using Google music maker to design a piece of music that sounds like a volcano eruption. We thought about how we could make the beat, tempo and backing sounds reflect different parts of the eruption. 

Keeping our minds healthy

In Beech class we talked about anxiety and what it can feel like to be worried about things. We viewed it like a cup overflowing with water. We then wrote our worries down on the tables and washed them away.

We finished with a discussion about how we can help each other when we are feeling like this.