La Météo – The Weather

In Year 4 today, we have been learning in our French session how to be weather presenters! We learnt some of the phrases for describing the different types of weather. For example: Il neige means its snowing. We then practised writing sentences of our own, describing the weather in different local places. Trés bien CE2!

Year 4 – Catapults

This week we have been having a great time learning about the Romans. We have researched and designed our own Onagers, which the Romans used, and Trebuchets which are catapults. We have discussed what we need to construct them and can’t wait until next week when we get to use the glue guns and design and technology resources to make and test them! Below is some of the notes we made whilst we were researching these catapults.

Art work from Adam

Adam wanted to share this art work with you that he has been doing while we are at home this week. I would also like to make a special mention for Adam’s handwriting! I am impressed he has used his best joined writing even in his art work! Well done Adam 🙂 Don’t forget, if you have any art work you want to share with us you can upload it to the St Michael’s art gallery or send it in to us to share 😀

Butterflies are emerging!

Just before half term, Apple class received some caterpillars. Over time and after much eating they cocooned! Yesterday they began to emerge from their cocoons and are now beautiful butterflies. We shall be releasing them later on today.

We are archaeologists!

To kick off our Ancient Egyptian topic, we are finding out what it is like to be an archaeologist and finding out about the Ancient Egyptians by exploring artifacts. 

We made our classroom into a series of caves and then crawled through to find pieces of artifacts. We put the pieces together to create a whole artifact and then discussed what we could find out from it.

Some things we have found out are: 

Ancient Egyptians had kings and queens called pharaohs.

The Ancient Egyptians mummified animals such as cats.

Pharaohs were very rich- they wore lots of gold.

When pharaohs died  

  they had masks on their coffins made of gold. 


Mindfullness- changing perspective

Today children thought about what it might be like to put yourself in other people’s shoes. They talked in pairs and threes about things they agreed on: marmite, football, and things they didn’t. They discussed why it was useful to think about wht other people’s faces are saying about how they are feeling and why it is important to respond to these signals. We talked about how the brain stores past experiences and this causes involuntary first responses. It is important to understand how the brain works like this and build to create new and more useful responses in the future. This isn’t quick and easy but does work in time.

Bug hotel

Thanks to the letter sent to Kingsteignton Town Council, a new bug hotel has been built on Rydon Lane outside of the community hall. If you are in the area, make sure you take a look!

Bee highways

During lockdown Year Four wrote a letter to Kingsteignton Town Council persuading them to build bee highways in the community. They received a response today and we couldn’t be more proud of the effort Year Four have put into their campaign. We are now encouraging the Eco Council and Rights Respecting Ambassadors to help take this further.